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Audit: You’ve Got to Know Where You Are to Know How Far You are From Your Goal​

  • 2 min read

The first step to attracting throngs of engaged, qualified leads – I’m talking people flocking to your social media feeds, piling on in the comments of your articles, and swarming the stage at your next live speaking engagement – the first step to the clamoring crowds is to figure out what you’re doing right and on which channels you already have raving fans.

What does this look like? Reviewing the user journey on your website is important and first on our list, but we don’t stop there. We’ll review the user experience across all platforms before starting or changing your lead acquisition strategy.

Before we write the first word of copy, publish the first lead magnet or buy your first ad we will gather as much data as possible including:

  • information about your audience
  • analytics for the traffic on your site
  • social media audience and engagement
  • the type and topics of existing content
  •  keywords and phrases you rank for
  • search trends for keywords in your industry

Typically, customer and competitor data is good for up to a year so we use any existing data you have and build from there.

Brand new and don’t have a lot of customer data yet? We still gather information on your existing efforts and turn to look alike competitor audiences for information.