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Why Settle for Moving the Needle in Your Biz?

I'll help you break the whole damn gauge

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Gauge-breaking growth requires authority, visibility, and a steady supply of leads

You know what growth doesn't require?
Hustle culture-fueled burnout

You can get the support you need to manage the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur from many online communities… and that can help you avoid burnout.

But, it’s close to impossible to find a community that offers leadership, support, and accountability.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

I wanted less, “This is how you must do it,” and more “Let’s see how this can work for you.”

Then, there’s the hustle, hustle, hustle and strict parental-style accountability coaching? Nope. Not for me. What about you?

If you’re like me, you want joyful camaraderie, helpful, gentle nudges, and friendly challenges.

You want to be around people brave and compassionate enough to hold up a mirror but experienced and smart enough to know that you don’t use a sledgehammer when a foam roller will do the job.

It seemed no matter which community I joined, I wound up creating the nurturing, accountability space within that community.

Finally, I decided to create a community to nurture entrepreneurs and provide them with the productivity support and accountability required to build businesses that are resilient and adaptable enough to last. 

Hi, I'm Betsy Muse

I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than three decades – long before we had online support communities.

I didn’t start out as an entrepreneur, but I showed the spirit at an early age. 

There’s no lemonade stand in my background, but, as a second grader, I created a lending library with my book-of-the-month club books.

That ended when a concerned parent called my mom over the 1¢ late fees I was charging. Ooops!

Mom nixed the idea to rent out my dolls before the first doll was ever delivered. Dang it!

But having my early attempts at entrepreneurship thwarted didn’t discourage me. After a ten-year stint as a commercial lender with a major bank and after working with small business owners to help them manage risk and increase their revenue – it was finally time to follow my own advice and pursue those early entrepreneurial dreams.

If I can say anything with absolutely certainty, it’s this: It’s a lot harder on this side of the desk.

That was more than 30 years ago and while I haven’t always enjoyed rising to every challenge, I have always learned from them. 

And, I didn’t go through all that learning to keep it to myself, so I’m back to helping entrepreneurs build resilient, adaptable businesses. 

I want to make your journey a little easier and a lot more rewarding through programs and communities that give you the support, encouragement and structure you need to smooth out the peaks and troughs of being an entrepreneur.

Betsy communicates in a way that encourages success

Betsy is an amazing mentor. Not only is she incredibly smart and knowledgeable, she’s kind. She’s no-nonsense yet knows how to communicate in a way that encourages success and makes people feel better about themselves, even in difficult situations. To me, that makes a great mentor.

Plenty of people are experts, most are not able to help other people achieve expertise themselves. Betsy can, and she does — and people love her for it.

Amy Posner, Mentor & Coach
Amy Posner & Magnetic North Mastermind

Amy Posner

Programs to meet you at each stage of
your entrepreneurial journey

Target practice header image a dart on a target with a blurred blue background

Target Practice offers monthly training sessions that serve as guided productivity appropriate for those just starting out and those looking for slower, more deliberate growth in a supportive community.

Get Focused AF is a supportive community offering training, productivity co-working and support services for entrepreneurs pushing through the peaks and valleys of high growth mode.

The Arena is for entrepreneurs making big moves and building big projects. With a focus on 1:1 guidance, building in public, and adopting a daily shipping habit – The Arena supports you through bold moves. 

Betsy cultivates a community where no one slips through the cracks

“I think you should drop a 2 in front of that number.”

That was one of the first things Betsy Muse ever said to me after I told her how much I was charging for one of my packages. (I spent the rest of that afternoon in shock, trying to digest it.)

With Betsy’s weekly support, within 8 months, I did indeed “drop a 2” in front of what I used to charge.

Betsy was there for every micro-step that it took me to get to that point (and still gives me periodic reminders to bump those rates up!). She’s answered every question without making me feel dumb for asking them. I’ve learned so much from her about conversion copywriting beyond what modules alone can teach you.

In addition to all this, I love how Betsy makes sure to include everyone in group meetings. Betsy cultivates a community where no one slips through the cracks–she doesn’t just talk about inclusion, she practices it.

Dr. Mimi Zhou
Mimi Zhou International

Dr. Mimi Zhou at The Arena

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Cover of the bio writing workbook

Grab my guide for writing a persuasive, engaging bio and I’ll show you how to let your customers write your bio for you.

Get the bio-writing framework

Betsy is generous with her time and expertise

Betsy is the most generous person I have ever come across in business. She genuinely wants to help entrepreneurs. And she doesn’t try to force you into a cookie cutter box. She meets you right where you’re at.

As soon as I heard what Betsy was putting together for entrepreneurs, I knew I had to be part of it. It was so intensive. Full on business mode. Exactly what I needed.

Gemma Hennok

Gemma Hennok

When I joined Betsy’s incubator group, I thought I was just joining some folks who wanted to co-work together and chit-chat about goals.

Wow, did I underestimate the incredible impact FocusedAF would have on my biz. Yes. You get support on that lonely freelancing road. But we’re not talking encouragement from friends. We’re talking invested people who really push each other to not only clarify each of our own objectives but to stick to them—to commit to them.

Betsy Muse has built a dedicated community where there’s always someone who understands your struggles, remembers YOUR goals, and has insights to help you find the confidence you need to get there faster. 

I haven’t looked back once since getting here.

Jessica Kiernan
Wallaby Copy

Jess Kiernan