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Competitor Analysis

Research what your competitors are doing and determine how they are falling short?

  • 1 min read

Researching your competitors is one of the most valuable steps you can take to address the needs of your buyers.

You see, rarely do we find any one company in a market doing everything right. Look at your competitors collectively and you often find gaps in the market. 

You find where your buyers’ needs are not being met. By anyone. Then, you fill that gap.

This may sound more like market research and not voice of customer or copywriting research. And, it is to a certain degree. But, this same type of research is valuable in finding where the messaging is falling short as well.

Messaging around features, benefits, and outcomes that aren’t being highlighted when perhaps they should be.

Outdated messaging that no longer matches what is important to your buyers will also stand out. 

Your product features might not have changed, but your buyers’ needs or their perceptions of their needs may have changed. 

We all know listening to our buyers is important. Listening to our competitors is too. Following the ACTIVATEâ„¢ Framework with each project ensures that this critical step in understanding your buyers and their needs is included.