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Booster Rocket Strategy Call

Get clarity on your next best step

So you can move forward with confidence

Guessing as a business strategy? Throwing spaghetti against the wall? Rolling die? Eeny meeny miny moe? 

All of the above methods might help you land on the right path for your business every now and then. 

At least you’re taking action and action beats inaction any day, right? Sure, unless the action sends you in the wrong direction. 

Put my 3+ decades as an entrepreneur to work for you

Let me help you clear the mind clutter, break free from whatever has you stuck in place, and plot a clear path forward. 

"Betsy is a mentor who helps others achieve expertise."

Amy Posner

Betsy is an amazing mentor. Not only is she incredibly smart and knowledgeable, she’s kind. She’s no-nonsense yet knows how to communicate in a way that encourages success and makes people feel better about themselves, even in difficult situations. To me, that makes a great mentor.

Plenty of people are experts, most are not able to help other people achieve expertise themselves. Betsy can, and she does — and people love her for it.

Amy Posner, Mentor & Coach
Amy Posner & Magnetic North Mastermind

Book a 1-hour strategy call so you can
move forward with greater confidence

What can we cover in an hour?

  • Attracting your best-fit leads
  • Designing a cohesive offer ecosystem that inspires buyer engagement
  • Copy and content reviews
  • Review of Lead Magnet Stack strategy and assets
  • Finding your niche or specialization
  • Building business resilience
  • Lead gen funnel strategy
  • Sales funnel strategy

You deserve a smoother journey over and around the obstacles standing in your way

With greater clarity, you can make faster progress toward your goals and move forward with greater confidence.

Stop second guessing yourself… heck stop guessing altogether.

Book a 1-hour strategy call for $397

Once you’ve purchased the strategy call, you will be redirected to Calendly where you can choose your day and time for the call. 

"When I work with Betsy, I make amazing progress"

Molly McBeath

I’ve been running my own writing business for 20+ years, and Betsy is my dream teacher and coach. Most other teachers and coaches want to wedge my business into something comfortable for them, which never gives me lasting results. Betsy is so knowledgeable that she can jump right into whatever’s going on for me, help me troubleshoot, and give me clarity about next steps.

When I work with Betsy, I know I’m going to make amazing progress on tasks I struggle with on my own. Being an entrepreneur is tons less stressful now that I have Betsy in my corner.

Every time I work with her, I get tons done, leave with clarity about next steps, and enjoy the experience from start to finish.

Molly McBeath, CEO & Founder
McBeath Communications