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Target Market Analysis

Research your ideal buyer to know what they need and desire

  • 1 min read

You don’t know what your buyers want or need unless you ask them. 

That seems kinda obvious, doesn’t it? It is and you would be amazed at the businesses that completely ignore this step. 

The owners, founders, CMOs… they think it’s too much trouble or that it’s too intrusive. They worry they will make their buyer’s angry.

I’ve never had a customer or buyer get angry because I was asking them questions that were obviously geared toward making their experience better.

Not once, and I can count how long I’ve been doing this in decades… not just years.

Your buyers want to hear from you. Your loyal buyers want you to stay in business. Your brand evangelists want to feel like they play a part in your success.

You need to feed this beast!

With the ACTIVATE™ Framework, we set up automated surveys — sometimes with only one question — that nurture your audience of buyers. We interview customers and we send out member surveys to gauge not only where your buyers are, but where the market is as a whole.

Why be on trend when you can be ahead of the trend curve?