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Cover for the step-by-step guide to a kickass conversion-focused about page featuring a teal background and four stylized rockets in shades of yellow, red, and orange. The Rocket Fuel Strategy starburst logo is in the lower right.

I wrote the course on About Pages​

Hi, I’m Betsy Muse. I’m the founder of Rocket Fuel Strategy and I wrote the course on About Pages for Copyhackers’ Copy School. You could say I know a thing or two when it comes to About Pages.

Write an About Page without getting stuck

Let the Rocket Fuel Strategy Guide to Writing a Kickass Conversion-Focused About Page help you start and finish your about page in record time

Imagine sitting down to write your About Page without that knot in the pit of your stomach.

Relief washes over you as you open the guide and know what to write, where to add social proof, and how to close your page so readers…

  • opt-in to your email list
  • sign up for a free trial
  • or shop in your store

The Rocket Fuel Strategy About Page guide will walk you through writing your About Page so you can get on with the work that feeds your soul and helps you meet payroll.

Get your easy button for writing a conversion-focused About Page

  • Easy step-by-step process; you don’t get lost in the details
  • Created by an About Page expert; you learn from the best
  • Interactive workbook; you keep all your work in one place
  • Focus on conversions; you turn traffic into leads