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Lead Gen Liftoff Speaker Freebies & Offers

Launch Fuel Formula | Nicola Moors

🔥Take the guesswork out of calculating conversion rates – the formulas are already plugged in for you! 

🔥Fireball your launches into profitable and streamlined funnels by knowing what needs to change, be tweaked and stay the same 

🔥Become your secret weapon towards making tiny tweaks that will have a big impact on your bottom line


Unexpected Ways to Find and Gather Voice of Customer Data: Presentation Slides & Google Sheet | Sunny Hunt

Download the slides and the Google Sheet so you can start capturing and using voice of customer data for your lead gen program


Using Your Brand Voice to Attract the Right Audience | Jacinda Santora

Not keen on creating a brand voice guide on your own? Let me do it for you! And, as a Lead Gen Liftoff attendee, you’ll save $500 off the price of a single Brand Voice Guide!


How to Attract Values-Aligned Clients & Customers | Jaimie McDonald

Brand Values in Action Template

Your brand values shouldn’t just be a list of words you half-heartedly selected and shoved into a corner on your website. Connecting the dots between your values and your actions means you’ll run your business with intention—and attract values-aligned customers, to boot.

Grab my Brand Values in Action Template to guide you in choosing, defining, and aligning your brand values.


Whomp Whomp to Wow: 3 Lead-Gen Launch Lessons | Erin Pennings

Whomp Whomp to Wow Course

Get access to the Whomp Whomp to Wow course only for a one-time fee of $397.
You get access to
👉 4 modules including an introductory module, and modules on writing the home, about, and services pages of your site
👉 4 powerful bonuses including a write like you speak masterclass, the ultimate website copy launch plan, and some one-of-a-kind Canva templates
👉 12 exercises, templates, and tools


Turn Your Website Into a 24/7 Sales Tool That Keeps Your Clients REACHING For You

Get the ULTIMATE Website Copy Checkup and…
👉 Learn my process for auditing websites.
👉 Get the 10 key criteria I look at for every site.
👉 Discover 30 quick win fixes you can make #rightnow.
👉 Assess your site based on how it stakes up.
👉 Create an Rx to take it to the next level.


Content Marketing Strategy VIP Day | Jocelyn Montemarano

Are you ready to connect with more of the right people so you can generate more leads, sales, and opportunities for your business and ultimately make the impact you’re after?

Apply for Content Marketing Strategy in a Day — a VIP Day where I’ll work with you to create your custom video or podcast strategy designed to connect you with your ideal customers and convert them into paying customers with ease (all in a way that feels aligned for you).

Attendees of the Lead Gen Liftoff Summit will receive a $250 savings.

When we hop on a call together, let me know you came from the Lead Gen Liftoff Summit and I’ll apply the savings to your invoice.


Telling Stories that Sell on Social Media | Dr. Mimi Zhou

Save my presentation notes and see the exact examples I mention in action to inspire your own curation of your stories.


How to POWER Up Your Pre-Launch Content | Ash Chow

Your pre-launch content plays a Titanic-sized role in how your launch performs. Yet SO many people skip this step because they don’t know what to say or don’t have time to create the content. This guide will reveal the best pre-launch topics that will strategically prime your audience to convert.


Inclusive Copy Checklist: 7 tips for telling stories that resonate all around the world | Danbee Shin

The Inclusive Copy Checklist includes the copy tweaks I mentioned in my presentation, “Choosing Your Words With Care”, PLUS 3 more tips for making your copy globally inclusive.


Get your FREE white paper resources | Rachel Sparacio-Foster

  • Set your white paper up for success with my time-tested creative brief.
  • Keep everything flowing smoothly with a handy project management checklist.
  • Discover 41 fantastic places to promote your white paper so you can engage more B2B tech buyers and drive sales