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Limited time special About Page pricing

Get an expedited conversion-focused About Page at a fraction of the cost. 

Special available for 3 SaaS, 3 eCommerce, 3 Service-based businesses.

You save $1700

Attract more leads with a
trust-building About Page

Your prospects don’t want to read a puff piece all about you, your team, and how you want to change the world. What your prospects really want to know is how you’re qualified to change their world.

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Your About Page needs to do two things at the same time:
build trust and focus on conversions

About Pages are often one of the most visited pages on any website. It doesn’t make sense to waste all that traffic on a page without purpose.

If you don’t connect site visitors quickly with details relevant to the problem they’re trying to solve, they’ll bounce and you’ll lose prospective leads. Yes, even on your About Page.

Get an About Page that attracts and converts leads

A Lead-Attracting About Page gives you a powerful tool in your efforts to attract and convert qualified leads.

Your page will quickly answer your site visitors’ most pressing question – “can I trust this person, brand, or product to solve my problem?”

Your About Page helps persuade ideal customers by...

Rocket fire starburst logo for Rocket Fuel Strategy Building trust in your ability to solve your ideal customer’s most pressing problem 

Rocket fire starburst logo for Rocket Fuel Strategy Highlighting your accomplishments that are most meaningful for your ideal customer

Rocket fire starburst logo for Rocket Fuel Strategy Connecting with your ideal customer by using their words in your copy so they see themselves as your customer

Rocket fire starburst logo for Rocket Fuel Strategy Closing the deal. You don’t get what you don’t ask for and where most About Pages end in a whimper, yours will end by asking your ideal customer to opt-in, get on a call, start a free trial, or make a purchase

"Betsy writes copy that brings in new customers"

Steve Sonn

“If you want an About page that doesn’t put people to sleep and makes your ideal prospect want to work with you, then you need to work with Betsy! 

Even professional marketers like me can struggle when it comes to marketing themselves. 

Betsy’s approach and process for creating high-converting marketing copy took my About page from “meh” to something I can be proud of.

I highly recommend Betsy if you need copy that brings in new customers.”

Steve Sonn, S2 Marketing

Customer-focused conversion copy powers your Lead-attracting About Page

From the moment they land on your page, your potential customers recognize that you’re putting them first.

By using words that allow your site visitors to see themselves on the page, you send the message that you understand and value your customers. 

And this helps build the trust that makes it more likely your site visitor will become a lead… and then a customer.

Get help from a conversion copywriter obsessed with helping brands get more leads on their About Page​

Betsy Muse

Betsy Muse
Creator, Master of About Pages
Founder, Rocket Fuel Strategy

In my 30+ years as an entrepreneur, I’ve watched business websites go from static and flat to dynamic and interactive.

As websites developed to optimize the buyer journey, it seemed every page was optimized for that purpose – every page except the About Page.

Several years ago, I made it my mission to change how we write About Pages and that commitment led me to develop a process for writing conversion-focused About Pages for any business type.

My idea was to create a framework that would help me write persuasive, customer-focused About Pages without creating cookie-cutter, templated pages.

I became so well known for my work on About Pages, the OG of conversion copywriting, Joanna Wiebe, asked me to create a course for her masters-level copywriting program – Copy School.

Your project will follow a tested process

... and is completed in 3 to 6 weeks


During the discovery phase we hold our initial discovery call, conduct interviews, a survey, market research, a SWOT analysis, a competitor analysis, and we identify gaps in your marketing and messaging.


During the writing phase we develop your messaging strategy and we write and revise all copy.


During the wireframing phase, we produce a mockup of your About Page that observes conversion optimization principles. You’ll be able to hand the wireframe to your designer or developer so they can quickly implement your new copy.

Your project deliverables

Discovery summary

Discovery Summary Report

Your Discovery Summary includes: VOC summary, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis

customer research provides invaluable insights that drive customer-centric decision-making, guide product development, identify market opportunities, shape marketing strategies, reduce risk, enhance customer satisfaction, and create a competitive advantage. It is a vital tool for businesses aiming to succeed in understanding and meeting customer needs effectively.

messaging strategy

Messaging Strategy

A well-defined messaging strategy will help you maintain a consistent brand image, effectively communicate with your ideal customer, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and build stronger connections with your stakeholders.

A strategic messaging strategy guides the creation of compelling content, enhances customer engagement, and contributes to the overall success of your marketing and communication efforts.

About Page Copy

Copy Document

Your copy is delivered in a format that allows for easy commenting as we make revisions and easy copying and pasting when it’s time for your team to build out your About Page.

You’ll also receive your copy inside a wireframe so you and your team can easily see where the copy goes on the page and understand why.


Your wireframe will be designed following conversion optimization principles and will make it easy for your team to see the best placement of your copy. 

Design should always follow copy and your designer and developer will be able to use the wireframe to help them follow conversion optimization principles.

Get a conversion-optimized, lead-attracting About Page

Build trust with your site visitors with an About Page that puts your ideal customer first.

Your About Page should give readers only details about you and your team that they need to know to…

Get on a call * Start a free trial *  Opt-in to your list * Make a purchase

Get more leads and more customers when you focus on the real stars of your About Page – your customers.

Book a discovery call today

"Betsy is a seasoned, reliable business person"

Amy Posner

Reliability is one of the most important qualities to me in a business person. Betsy not only shows up and gets it done (every single time) she does it with a great attitude and an open mind. Even though I know she’s running multiple projects and programs, she always has time for me, never feels rushed and always delivers quality work, on time. 

If you’re looking for a sharp copy mind, a seasoned business person, a gracious and caring contractor — be grateful someone told you about Betsy Muse.

Amy Posner, CEO & Founder
Amy Posner & Magnetic North Mastermind

"Can you write our entire website?"
... and other common questions

Yes! When a client has a small or non-existent customer base, we create a lookalike audience and use other research methods to uncover potential customer insights.

I'm happy to take a look at any existing customer data or research and will provide you a list of resources that provide valuable insight into your customers' wants and needs.

Typically, research results are valid for around a year if you have a stable customer base and up to 6 months if you have a rapidly expanding customer base.

We don't currently offer web design and development services. 

You will receive a wireframe that gives suggestions for page design and places copy where it should be on a page.

There are too many factors outside our control – factors like traffic, external market forces, and your other marketing efforts – to offer a performance-based guarantee.

Yes! I offer an About Page Audit & Optimization service. You can get the details here.

A Lead-attracting About Page starts at $4500. 


Trust is the foundation of your relationship with future customers

... and your About Page is the perfect place to prove you can be trusted

In a crowded market with competitors offering similar solutions, trust is also the ultimate differentiator. 

Let’s make sure you stand out above the crowd.

If your budget or timeframe won't accommodate a full project, a Rapid Results About Page Audit is your best option

image of laptop with Rocket Fuel Strategy's about page on the screen. A pot of flowers sits to the right.

Every page of your website should be pulling its weight to attract and convert more leads​

Get your About Page optimized by a specialist without a long project or full project fee.

Get the details and get on my audit calendar here.