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Your first step is to check your email where you will find a receipt from Thrivecart and a separate email with your login to Thrivecart Learn where your program is hosted.

All materials are available to you immediately upon logging in. No waiting for access. 

An email will follow with your Zoom link for the workshop.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at betsy@rocketfuelstrategy.com.

Thank you for your purchase and your time. I’m here if you have questions.


Will you do me a favor and answer this quick question?

"Betsy’s workshops focus on implementation, so you finish each session having accomplished something real."

Betsy’s trainings transformed my copywriting process. I already knew *how* to write all the deliverables, but her clear, step-by-step approach to getting them done so quickly was a game changer…I never believed I’d walk away from an enjoyable co-working session with 90% completed first drafts.

Plus, Betsy helped me remember all the “extra things” I always forget about…like thank you pages and follow-up copy. I’m re-doing my website this month, and the time I invested with Betsy has saved me over 30 hours of work time (not to mention how fast it makes my client work go).

It’s a repeatable system that works. I’m glad I have it to help me write high-converting copy in a fraction of the time it used to take me. Thank you, Betsy!!

Karen Kossow
Email Strategist and Copywriter for Woman-Owned Brands

Email copywriter, Karen Kossow looks into the distance with the sun going down behind her

"Betsy communicates in a way that encourages success"


Betsy is an amazing mentor. Not only is she incredibly smart and knowledgeable, she’s kind. She’s no-nonsense yet knows how to communicate in a way that encourages success and makes people feel better about themselves, even in difficult situations. To me, that makes a great mentor.

Plenty of people are experts, most are not able to help other people achieve expertise themselves. Betsy can, and she does — and people love her for it.

Amy Posner, Mentor & Coach
Amy Posner & Magnetic North Mastermind

Amy Posner, Conversion Copywriter and Copy Chief sits with hands folded wearing a striped top