Important question for entrepreneurs and freelancers tired of running on the feast or famine hamster wheel without experiencing true growth – growth that comes from a steady stream of leads and revenue:

If you could spend more time doing the work that lights you up and less time scrambling for the next paying customer...

Would you finally dedicate your energy to create your dream business – a business that inspires trust and attracts a steady flow of buyers?

A business that moves beyond "growth potential" and actually grows?

Any answer other than a loud and powerful "yes!" is an admission that your dream of success and your passion to help others on your way up... those things just aren't that important

But your desire to create a life of plenty and to make a difference for others does matter.

It matters a great deal.

The world is full of people who need the peace of mind, business success, and personal fulfillment you, your products, and your services bring to their lives

Unfortunately... They aren't Coming to You


Instead, these potential clients are handing over their email addresses and opening their wallets for someone else. 


Take your pick…

  • Your business presence doesn’t inspire trust or confidence... it doesn’t sell you as THE authority in your market
  • Your ideal customers don’t see themselves reflected in your brand… your look and messaging is generic
  • You have no strategy for your brand or the content you put out in the world… your friends and family still show up to hit that heart, though
  • You have no automated process for acquiring leads... and if you do, you aren’t driving any traffic to your site
  • You don’t communicate consistently with your community… YES! Those 22 people on your list need to hear from you

If you think you’re doing all the above well, but your email list is growing so slowly that cobwebs grow between each signup…

If last year’s goal list has so few check marks, it’s easier to change the date on your business plan rather than write out a new one for next year…

If you face having to refill your pipeline of qualified leads each month because those from the month before either weren’t as qualified as you thought or were just hanging out for the freebies… 

then keep reading…

What I’m about to tell you could easily lead to a breakthrough in your business. 

A breakthrough that will mark this date on your calendar as THE time you knew the feast & famine days were over and the days of maintaining a robust client base on a steady flow of leads lay ahead. 

The day you knew you could stand out above the crowd. 

The time when it all came together because now you no longer walk into virtual meetings – you swagger. Your brand and your authority are recognizable and you no longer have a list…

Your site visitors no longer bounce immediately upon landing on your website. They stay. They read. They click. They turn over their email addresses, download your lead magnet, and enter their credit card numbers for your offer.

But let me bring you back to your current reality…

The Painful Question You Have to Ask Yourself

(And why this may be the last year you ever have to ask it!)

It’s a question often avoided each year because sometimes the hamster wheel delivers some wins.

You have a big month and head over to the Slack groups for entrepreneurs and freelancer Facebook groups and celebrate your win with lots of virtual high fives.

And you feel good.

Then next month You hop back on the wheel and keep running. Step by step you feel the hard-won confidence from last month’s big win drain away as the next win dangles and sways just out of reach.

Still, you run. 

But, if each year you looked over your progress and answered this one question as honestly as you could, you might be further ahead than you are.

That question?

Am I on Track to Reach My Ultimate Business Goal in My Lifetime at My Current Rate of Growth?

Damn… That’s a sobering question.

And, it’s one question I wish I had asked sooner and more often.

See, I wasn’t on track when I finally got around to asking it.

I had been working year after year, earning enough and seeing a little growth… but I got too comfortable.

The older I got the more it hit home that there was no cushy pension and gold watch coming from a large company at the end of all this.

I am the company. I am responsible for providing the cushy pension.

The scary part came when I started doing the math. 

But, I will always be grateful for this scare. It ushered me into one of the most exciting growth explosions I’ve experienced as an entrepreneur. 

I was behind, but instead of settling for less. I found a smarter way to work.

If you’re focused on growth in your business – if you’re ready to jump off that hamster wheel of feast & famine, then this is a question you should ask and answer soon. Like now.

Because once you do, you are ready to map out the future of your business.

A business that excites you to wake up to each day.

A business that provides more than a paycheck.

A business that allows you to build a legacy… not just a bigger client base.

But Before You Can Move into Growth Mode, You Have to Come Face-to-Face With What's Been Holding You Back

The 6 Reasons You Watch Others Skyrocket Ahead While Your Business Idles on the Launchpad
Just Blowing Smoke

Reason #1

You’re a course hoarder. You buy all the best courses and might finish them, but the one large-group office hours session each month just isn’t enough to keep you motivated.

You’ve worked hard and learned a lot but you aren’t in this for a gold star on your report card.

Reason #2

Your visual branding and messaging are generic. Your site and the content you share (when you share it) look and sound just like everyone else in your market. It isn’t so much that you are afraid to stand out from the crowd… you just don’t know how.

Reason #3

You listened to one too many “gurus.” You’re a serious business owner and typically, you don’t fall for too-good-to-be-true claims. But some of these people are just so damned convincing.

You’ve bounced from guru to guru each offering you digital marketing salvation and immeasurable riches while working only a few hours a day. The jig is up and it’s time to stop looking for shortcuts.

Reason #4

List? What list? Needs no explanation. You know and I know you know.

Reason #5

Information overload has you overwhelmed. You’ve downloaded every lead magnet and free course you can to try to figure out this online marketing thing and the overwhelm is real.

What these free resources don’t usually teach is the ‘how’ behind all the advice they give. You could probably write a checklist a mile long of all the ‘whats’ you’re supposed to do as a business owner. You need someone to show you how.

Reason #6

Perfectionism is paralyzing your progress. You feel like an imposter as you watch others making big moves in their businesses. With everyone touting 6 and 7-figure launches, you’re beginning to feel your efforts may never stack up. When you finally launch your premium offer, it will be spectacular. You know it will be because you will plan it and perfect until you hear choirs of angels sing each time you mention the name. (Once you figure that out.)

Betsy Gave Us the Support & Accountability We Needed to Set Our Business Up for Success

Before taking Betsy’s Business Blastoff Bootcamp, we built our business guided by online courses.

For us, the problem with courses was that they couldn’t answer all the questions. Any lesson tells you what to do, but there’s always going to be more research and questions specific to your business. And that takes time to fill in those gaps: asking a community that may or may not have the expertise—waiting for office hours once a month. The pace was often slow.

And if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that there are situations when you don’t have the luxury to grow your business at a slow rate.

In early 2020, my husband got laid off.

We went from dabbling with a business (treated more like a hobby) to needing a business that would support a family of six. We had to grow fast. And we were still missing foundational pieces.

When we committed to Betsy’s Business Blastoff Bootcamp, we knew it wouldn’t be easy. We were committing to an intense six weeks, but we knew it was the work we needed to do for our family.

In six weeks, we were able to reposition our company, rewrite our website, put processes in place, and create a marketing strategy with the content and technology to execute.

Betsy guided us the whole way. She answered our specific questions, made recommendations, and gave us the support and accountability we needed to set our business (and ourselves) up for success.

Business Blastoff Bootcamp was what we needed to turn a hobby into a real business. And the business is now supporting our family.

Jessica Noel

Jessica Noel
Co-Founder, Write & Main

Fortunately, There is a Way to Prepare Your Business for the Bold, Bodacious Moves that Help You Stand Out Above the Crowd

Yes, You Can Finally Get Off the Hamster Wheel

You’re still here with me and that tells me you know a strong foundation for your business is essential for growth.

It sounds so obvious, but so few follow through.

The great news is you don’t have to wait years to see these results. You’ll start seeing changes like:

  • Boost in revenue as more people find and engage with your brand because your website offers clear conversion-focused copy that does its job.

  • Immediate list growth as your consistently published content connects with prospects and welcomes them into a fully functioning lead gen funnel

  • Authority that builds in weeks rather than months or years as your newly displayed expertise leads to invitations to speak on virtual and physical stages… oh, and podcasts, don’t forget the podcasts

  • Confidence that comes from knowing you are no longer a “best kept secret.” You have grabbed your spot and you’re finally getting noticed.

The way business is going, this may feel out of reach for you… But it isn’t


You can make all of this happen without going through one more year that looks exactly like the year before… and the year before that

  • You don’t have to spend anymore time wandering around lost in business purgatory
  • You don’t have to watch one more instant guru prattle on about a subject you are actually an expert in
  • You certainly don’t have to worry that maybe you just weren’t cut out for business success


You must, however, take action – direct action


Imagine how different your business might look if each week Stripe sent notifications for sales that you’d barely lifted a finger for.

Imagine the joy of seeing your business grow without making you feel like you’re always scrambling.

Imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing that no matter what happens in the world, your family will be OK and while you may not always be able to control the world around you, you can bring a sense of peace to your corner of it.

Peace that comes from knowing your customer pipeline is full and if something external happens to empty it, your business is set up to generate new leads on the regular.

For just one minute image what it feels like to be the person everyone points to when they talk about breakout growth, when you’re pointed to as THE authority and even if you don’t mind having to prove yourself, imagine the feeling when your expertise is accepted instead of being questioned.

Amazing mentor & people love her for it

Betsy is an amazing mentor. Not only is she incredibly smart and knowledgeable, she’s kind. She’s no-nonsense yet knows how to communicate in a way that encourages success and makes people feel better about themselves, even in difficult situations. To me, that makes a great mentor. Plenty of people are experts, most are not able to help other people achieve expertise themselves. Betsy can, and she does — and people love her for it. I know, because they tell me all the time!

Reliability is one of the most important qualities to me in a business person. I need people to show and do what they say they will and I’ve found that’s not all that common. Betsy not only shows up and gets it done (every single time) she does it with a great attitude and an open mind. 


              Amy Posner, Coach & Mentor

Since you're still here with me, I'm thrilled to introduce you to my signature program designed to provide
Rocket Fuel for your business growth

Business Blastoff Bootcamp

By Rocket Fuel Strategy

Business Blastoff Bootcamp puts you in growth mode by implementing the key components found in 6 & 7-figure businesses

Each week focuses on one core topic and takes you from ground zero to finished project in one week

This set of 6 bootcamps is packed with the core essentials every business needs to attract leads and generate revenue online. 

While each week stands alone, they also build on each other. 

Click each tab to get more information on each week of the bootcamp.

Week One you start your journey to creating a cohesive, recognizable brand. 


Beam Me Up Branding begins January 10, 2021… Beam me up because that’s what you want your branding to do - to elevate your authority, connect with your intended audience and break through all the lookalikes out there.


Branding isn't just your logo and pretty colors. Having a cohesive, consistent brand presence is amazingly powerful. 


Kira Hug, co-host of the Copywriter Club Podcast and Co-founder of the Copywriter Club said that you don't want a brand that someone else could just drop their business name into, and nobody would notice the difference.


Most of us need our brand to do some heavy lifting in our marketing. Your brand needs to be represented consistently across all platforms to help build trust and communicate your values and mission.


By the end of brand week, you're going to walk away with a brand guide that allows you to create an iconic brand. Okay, maybe not along along the lines of Coca Cola or Disney, but a brand that is recognizable and unforgettable.


You will have something that you can turn over to co-workers, to collaborators, and to contractors you hire, so that they can hit the ground running, handle your social media, content creation, web copy or whatever else you're working on.


Your guide will include:

*brand colors, the combinations allowed, and when to use them

*logos and instructions on when to use which version of your logo

*bios of varying lengths so you always have one handy

*messaging guidelines



*value proposition


*and, so much more!


Of course, you will also select your walk in music. Everyone needs walk-in music, it's empowering. By walk-in music, I'm referring to the music you would choose to walk on stage to or music you want to introduce your brand's videos.

In Week two you start Conversions & Cash web copy.

The original conversion copywriter Joanna Wiebe, said your web copy is your online sales person and it has to be very good at its job.


There’s a lot of weight riding on the words you put on each page of your website and most people who write their own copy fall into a me-centric model. As interesting as you might be, your potential buyers need to see themselves reflected back when they visit your website and read your copy.


So, what do I mean by conversions and conversion-focused copy? Conversions are those actions site visitors take on your website. When someone signs up for your email list - that’s a conversion. When someone makes a purchase - that’s a conversion.


And we need those conversions if we’re going to remain in business.


In week 3, you will write the copy for your homepage, your about page, and your services page, or if you have a product page your product page. 


But, you don’t have to be a pro copywriter. You will have frameworks and step by step help to write one section at a time. 


During the intensive, you will have short intervals of writing with clear instructions and the time you spend investigating your ideal customer throughout the week will give you clear insight into what they need to read from you.


Conversion copy helps engage your site visitors and keep them engaged as they read down your page. Conversion copy speaks to them in words they need to read in order to take the action you want them to take on the page.


And, when done well, conversion copy doesn’t sound salesy. It sounds comfortable and conversational… just like you’re writing a letter to a friend.

Week three gets you into the action with Light My Fire Lead Gen.


Of course, if you’re in business, you need leads and you need to take action to acquire these leads. If you sit around just waiting for qualified leads to find you, that’s a problem. 


During week three you will create a lead gen funnel from start to finish. This includes your lead magnet, opt-in page, confirmation page, social media graphics and ads to drive traffic to your lead magnet, and your welcome email sequence to start nurturing your leads so they become fans and eventually buyers.


If you’re not a copywriter, this is a great way to get more practice writing conversion focused copy. Again, you will have plenty of guidance in writing the copy for and putting together the landing pages that are part of this funnel. 


“What should I create for a lead magnet?” and “What do I say in a welcome sequence?’ These are the questions I hear most often as a lead gen strategist.


If you have these same questions, no need to worry. You will have plenty of guidance on this every step of the way.


By the time week three is in the bag, you’ll have your funnel set up complete with automations so all you have to do is get those ads in place and then sit back and watch the leads roll in.

Week four is a week that will wind up taking so much off your shoulders and so much of the guesswork out of creating the content that helps drive traffic to your website, build your authority, and elevate your expertise.


Catch My Rising Star Content Week has you creating your overall content strategy across all platforms and finalizing your 90-day content calendar.


No more searching for just the right topic to write about. No more struggling to connect with your audience because your content is scattered, inconsistent across platforms, and sometimes non existent. 


You’ll use tools like Google Trends, social media search to see what content your audience is sharing, as well as tools like Social Animal to find out which topics in your area of expertise have the most social shares.


This helps take the guesswork out of determining what to write. No more looking at all these fun and sometimes crazy holidays and writing about National Hamburger Day. 


Now, I’m not knocking how much fun it is to come up with social media content based on these wacky days but this is not how most of us are going to connect with the audience that becomes our buyers.


The content you will strategize around is your pillar content. You look at the mission and the ideals that drive your business and use that to inspire the authority-building content you will put on your calendar and eventually create.


During this week, where there is time, you will get started on research and rough drafts for your initial content. There is just as much magic in the execution as there is in the strategy.

The fifth week is where all of your other accomplishments come together to light a fire under your business because you will create a product or productized service sales funnel during Ring My Cha-Ching Sales Funnel Week. 


This will be one of your favorite weeks because it drives revenue and whether your business is heart-centered or not, you aren’t in business to lose money.


You will create a product like a tripwire or short course or stack together existing info products to create an entirely new offer. You can take one of your services and create a super quick version and productize it to automate the sales.


Start stacking multiple products and productized services and you will have the diversification of income you need to make it through client dry spells.


This week you will also design your process, implement your product page, confirmation page, and onboarding sequence and then complete your funnel with social media graphics and ads to drive traffic.


Creating self sustaining revenue generating funnels can be addictive, so don’t be surprised if you are almost immediately ready to give this week a second go. 


You’ll be amazed with the ideas you generate while executing your plan this week. Fresh ideas are always a great bonus.

Finally, the week you’ve been waiting for. This is the week that really puts a cherry on top for your business.

Activate My Audience Newsletter Strategy & Calendar is going to help you nurture that list you’re building so your leads don’t go stale.


You’re busy and writing a newsletter to your community never seems to rise to the top of the list because you always seem to run out of time and ideas.


Those days will be over after you complete Week Six of the bootcamps. Like Week Four for your social and inbound marketing content, you will create a newsletter mission and strategy. You will then map out a 90-day content calendar and get started outlining and writing some of the newsletters.


No more excuses. Your community signed up for your newsletter. They want to hear from you. This week, you’ll make sure they do hear from you.

How in the world do we accomplish all that in 6 weeks?

So, glad you asked! Each week is scripted with loads of flexibility (for clients, job, and family) figured in.

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

Each morning of the week starts with an email that sets up all of your assignments and links you to the Packrat Pack for that week where all of your downloads and important links are stored. 

We front load the week so you have plenty of time to work through the materials and formulate any questions to ask on Monday at our co-working sessions.

It also gives you a chance to get ahead so the time requirement is easier once the week starts.

You are greeted with an email on Monday with reminders of our schedule and the remaining materials for the week.

Monday brings three co-working sessions spread out throughout the day to be accessible to as many time zones as possible.

These co-working sessions happen on Zoom and give you a chance to get 1:1 planning time with me in breakout rooms.

You may come to one co-working session or all three. That's entirely up to you.

On Tuesday you'll have 3 sessions of office hours spread throughout the day. OH happen in Slack and you don't have to hang around for your answer.

This is a great time to drop all your questions in the Office Hours channel and then check back at your convenience. 

You can get all your questions answered before the intensive on Wednesday and that will make things go so much easier as you're implementing all the good things you created. 

Wednesdays are the best days during the bootcamp. This is when all your efforts come together to create and implement your project for the week.

There are two 6-hour intensives from which to choose and the short instructional videos are hosted and available for you to view during your work session if you miss the short live session that starts each hour.

The calendar view below should give you an idea of how the day runs, but essentially you are with me for six hours - or as many as you can make - to complete and implement the project.

There are two sessions to try to accommodate as many time zones as possible. The first begins at 7:00am EST and runs to 1:00pm EST.

The second session begins at 6:00pm EST and ends at 12:00am EST.

In the beta, these sessions ran 8 hours, but with all the prep and polish time, we were able to make these a much easier to finish 6 hours.

Spending quality time accomplishing something substantial for your business is amazingly empowering. 

You will be exhausted, but you will walk away from this knowing your business is going to realize its potential.

On Thursday, your schedule will look much like Tuesday with 3 sessions of office hours spread throughout the day. OH happen in Slack and you don't have to hang around for your answer.

This is a great time to drop all your questions in the Office Hours channel and then check back at your convenience. 

You can get all your questions answered that came up during the intensive or... you know... as soon as the Zoom session ended. Because, isn't that when the best questions pop up? 

Friday's schedule looks just like with three co-working sessions spread out throughout the day - yes, I even give up my Friday evenings just in case that's the only free time you have! (It's actually a lot of fun and a great way to wind down!)

These co-working sessions happen on Zoom and give you a chance to get 1:1 planning time with me in breakout rooms.

You may come to one co-working session or all three. That's entirely up to you.

Saturday is either your final polish and implementation day OR it is your day off... it depends on how much you are able to accomplish through the week.

I will be available on Slack and everyone will be encouraged to share their completed work. 

A typical week looks like this...

I've Added a Priceless Selection of Bonuses to Support your Success in the Bootcamps... and Beyond

Bonus #1: Optimize Your Website for Growth

(Expires 12/23/2020)

Get the strategies you need to optimize your website so that human readers and search crawlers alike can find you.

Join Sunny Hunt and Betsy Muse for a discussion on Conversion Rate Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Usability, and Accessibility.

We’ll also talk about page builders, different platforms to use and when to use stand alone landing page builders.

Sunny Hunt

Sunny Hunt, CEO & Founder
Hunt Interaction

Betsy Muse

Betsy Muse, Founder
Rocket Fuel Strategy

Bonus #2: Optimize Your Business for Your Next Big Move

(Expires 12/28/2020)

Amy Posner is a mentor and coach specializing in helping her clients design and execute on their next big move. 

She is a Dan Kennedy certified direct response copywriter and Copyhackers certified conversion copywriter. 

Amy pulls on a solid foundation of life and career experiences to help her clients pull off 7 and 8-figure launches.

Bonus #3: Maximize Your Bootcamp Experience with Dedicated 1:1 Consulting with Me

(Expires 1/4/2021)

Grab extra 1:1 time with me to consult on the implementation steps in the bootcamp or on other areas of your business. While everyone gets a little 1:1 time to discuss their progress in the bootcamp, you will be able to expand your time and consultation topics.

Want some help copy chiefing your work? Now’s the time to do that. Want to work on marketing strategy? Let’s schedule it.

You will get 30 minutes of 1:1 consulting time for each individual bootcamp purchased to be schedule during the week of the bootcamp.

Betsy Muse

Betsy Muse
Founder, Rocket Fuel Strategy

Bonus #4: Extend Your Support & Accountability with Six Months Free Access to the Get FocusedAF Accountability Membership

Your business growth doesn’t end with the Bootcamp. Everyone who signs  up for the full bootcamp or a 3-pack will get a 6-month free membership to the Get FocusedAF Accountability Incubator. Solo session bootcampers will get a 3-month free membership.

This is invaluable to your development as an entrepreneur and to the growth of your business.

The Get FocusedAf Incubator exists to help entrepreneurs who are actively working to find solutions for business growth and who take action rather than make excuses.

We are a community of driven entrepreneurs who help hold each others’ feet to the fire because we believe you can shorten the path to success through accountability to your goals.

Each month we host special guest speakers, host challenges, sprint weeks, co-working sessions, hot seats, business chats, and special training.

As a larger group we support each other as we work on the mindset shifts that help us work through imposter syndrome, perfectionism, procrastination, negative self talk and we take positive action on goal setting and follow through. 

Betsy is Committed to Your Success as You Define it

Betsy brings a depth of capabilities rarely found today. Whether you’re just starting out, retooling or looking to grow, she has the right stuff to move your enterprise forward faster than ever imagined. Most importantly, she listens and is committed to your success as you define it. Not a cookie-cutter program or providing cookie-cutter outcomes.
Steve Swanson
Steve Swanson
Managing Partner, Start Methods

I'm no Longer Searching in the Dark

Working as a freelancer can be a lonely road. But being a part of Betsy's community has meant I'm no longer searching in the dark for how to build my business efficiently and effectively. I've got her guidance and the guidance of other business owners that are giving me advice and keeping me accountable. It's moving me forward in ways I know it would have taken me years to figure out on my own
Ricki Oldenkamp
Ricki Oldenkamp
Founder, Second Nature Copy
Marika Tosi

Betsy is an Insightful, Inspiring, and Loving Human Being

I’ve been the queen of procrastination since I can remember… Until I met Betsy and joined her accountability calls first and her Get Focused AF Group later.

It’s remarkable how just a little help created a chain reaction of amazing achievements and success! 

In the first week alone I have accomplished more than in the last year:  
  • I decided on the branding idea behind my business
  • I took the first step in creating the online course I dreamt of for years
  • I tackled a marketing certification I have been kicking around for months

Since joining Get Focused AF 
  • I know I can count on clever opinions and supportive talks 
  • I have a plan and I stick to it
  • I show up for my business every day, no matter how good are my excuses and how appealing is the world outside of my office… 

I’m an introvert and I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of sharing my plans, struggles and achievements with strangers… Now my accountability buddies make it real! Owning a business can get soooo lonely, that’s why being in the right networking circle is fundamental!And the bonus point?

Betsy is an insightful, inspiring and loving human being that will brighten even the darkest moods!

Choose Your Growth Strategy

If you're buying one bootcamp or a 3-Pack, you will select your bootcamp(s) after checkout on the confirmation page

Solo Bootcamp

$547 One Time or
  • $160/month 4x

6 Bootcamps

Lift Off!
$ 2497 One Time or
  • $250/month 12x

3 Bootcamps

Engines Engaged
$ 1397 One Time OR
  • $150/month 12x

Betsy has insights to help you reach your goals faster

When I joined Betsy’s incubator group, I thought I was just joining some folks who wanted to co-work together and chit-chat about goals.

Wow, did I underestimate the incredible impact FocusedAF would have on my biz. Yes. You get support on that lonely freelancing road. But we’re not talking encouragement from friends. We’re talking invested people who really push each other to not only clarify each of our own objectives but to stick to them—to commit to them.

Betsy has built a dedicated community where there’s always someone who understands your struggles, remembers YOUR goals, and has insights to help you find the confidence you need to get there faster. 

I haven’t looked back once since getting here.

Jessica Kiernan
Wallaby Copy

You Benefit from My Decades of Experience

I’m Betsy Muse and I’ve spent the better part of three decades writing political direct mail copy and the last 12 years writing copy for startups and entrepreneurs.

When I’m not mentoring and coaching in Copyhacker’s Copy School, 10x Freelance Copywriter, and Content School,  I run Rocket Fuel Strategy where I help my clients build trust, grow their email marketing lists, and pull off 6- and 7-figure launches.

I’m a Copyhackers trained conversion copywriter studying with A-list copywriters like Joanna Wiebe, Amy Posner, and Ry Schwartz. 

And, I’m a facilitator, mentor, and coach in Get Focused AF, a peer-to-peer mastermind for high-achieving, growth-focused entrepreneurs.

What I’m not

I am not some overpriced, overnight Guru who did something once and now thinks she’s an expert.

I’m a roll-up-her-sleeves get knee-deep-in-it marketer and copywriter with decades of experience.

I promise to draw on every single one of those decades to help you develop and work a comprehensive plan to optimize what’s going right in your business and fix what isn’t working.

Betsy Muse

Rocket Fuel Strategy Easy Refund Guarantee

My promise is pretty straightforward.

You may cancel your participation and get a full refund any time up until the Tuesday during the week of your first bootcamp.

You get all the downloads of the first week and get to participate in all of the coaching and co-working sessions.

Simply send me an email and we’ll part friends.

Choose Your Growth Strategy

If you're buying one bootcamp or a 3-Pack, you will select your bootcamp(s) after checkout on the confirmation page

Solo Bootcamp

$547 One Time or
  • $160/month 4x

6 Bootcamps

Lift Off!
$ 2497 One Time or
  • $250/month 12x

3 Bootcamps

Engines Engaged
$ 1397 One Time OR
  • $150/month 12x

Some of Our Expert Speakers Joining us for Live Discussion Sessions

Molly McBeath, Owner, McBeath Communications LLC

Molly McBeath is a writer and editor and owner of McBeath Communications LLC, which develops content exclusively in technical subjects. Molly originally trained as a research scientist, getting her M.S. in hydrogeochemistry and then working on nuclear waste remediation strategies for the US Geological Survey. Her love of writing persuaded her to give up the lab coat for a keyboard in order to share her passion for a good explanation.

Molly McBeath

Sunny Hunt, CEO/Founder, Hunt Interaction

Sunny Hunt is not your average marketer. She’s combined 20+ years of digital marketing experience, and her position as a natural-born outsider to create Hunt Interaction, a high performing conversion rate optimization consultancy. 

Using a customer-centric focus, Sunny develops and implements smart, achievable strategies and tactics that help her clients convert more website traffic into new customers, repeat customers, and raving fans.

Sunny Hunt

Sherylle Bates, CEO/Founder Envision

Sherylle Bates is a change agent working with large national nonprofit organizations.

She has spent her personal and professional life as a sounding board and providing guidance to others to help them get to a destination or achievement.

Sherylle feels it is a gift to see people achieve their goals and to push, pull, uplift, and support them on their journey.

Before starting her consulting business, she served as a district sales manager for AVON and as a financial advisor for Ameriprise.

Sherylle Bates

Kathleen Fealy, President, KF Multimedia & Web, Inc

Kathleen Fealy is a digital consultant and President of KF Multimedia & Web, Inc. Before starting her own company in 2000, she was a corporate Video Producer/Director at Fortune 500 companies and a graphic artist for an accounting firm’s National Marketing Department.

Her background includes web design, SEO, usability, and conversion research and optimization. She is a Human Factors International Certified Usability Analyst and a ConversionXL Certified Optimizer.

Kathleen strongly believes in demystifying digital marketing. When businesses develop or refine their digital marketing strategies first, and then deploying tactics, they can increase online revenues and grow.

Kathy Fealy

Greta K, Founder Read the Room Marketing™

Greta K is a triple threat Copy Chief, Coach, & Consultant who works with 7 & 8 figure clients scaling their way up.

She also trains and coaches profitable entrepreneurs who are ready to personalize their business for sustainability in order to become sought to reimagine and optimize their mindset, messaging, and marketing so they can sell.

For brands of all sizes that know sophisticated and diverse audiences demand more from their brand relationships – before they even commit to them, Greta is currently writing the book on Read the Room Marketing™.

Greta K

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Still Have Questions?

You’re not alone. Here are a few concerns other entrepreneurs have had.

Q“I want my website to capture leads better but I’ve already spent so much time building it and writing out my content. “

A. I understand. It’s tough to pour your heart into writing your web copy just to find out it isn’t doing its job well enough to keep you in business. Writing website copy that converts requires different skills than storytelling. Your story and the words you choose to tell it may be lovely, but they aren’t wired for conversions. I promise it won’t hurt quite so much when the leads are rolling in.  

Think about it this way, if your business earns less than the lemonade stand your eight-year-old neighbor set up on the corner, doing nothing simply isn’t an option. Your business model isn’t sustainable. Why wouldn’t you go all in to change something as obvious as the copy on your website?

Q “What happens if I buy one bootcamp and change my mind and want another one”

A. Easy! Just send me an email and let me know. That’s not a problem as long as the bootcamp you want hasn’t already been held.

Q “My business coach has advised me to……………………….”

A. Business coaches can be a big help as can mentors, spouses, and friends. These bootcamps require action and action requires quick decisions. Feel free to show the sales page to your coach before signing up. 

This Community is One of My Best Decisions

You know what they say?

If you’re the smartest person in the room, you need to move to a different room.

Well, Get Focused AF is the room you need to be in. 

Originally I joined for the accountability. It has delivered on that. 

But what I got out of it has been so much more. It’s honestly been invaluable.

Follow-through on my own idea. Thanks to the encouragement, feedback, and guidance of Get Focused, I turned an idea from ‘mulling over’ into my most significant thought leadership & personal brand building piece to date.

This WOULD NOT have seen the light of day without Get Focused.

Joining Get FocusedAF has been one of my best decisions.

Michael Antonicelli
Michael Antonicelli
Conversion Copywriter

Choose Your Growth Strategy

If you're buying one bootcamp or a 3-Pack, you will select your bootcamp(s) after checkout on the confirmation page

Solo Bootcamp

$547 One Time or
  • $160/month 4x

6 Bootcamps

Lift Off!
$ 2497 One Time or
  • $250/month 12x

3 Bootcamps

Engines Engaged
$ 1397 One Time OR
  • $150/month 12x

Not Sure You're Ready to Grow?

You're ready for the swagger-worthy growth you'll gain from the Business Blastoff Bootcamps if...

*You know it is time to step out of your comfort zone and embrace growth and visibility and you want the guidance and support of someone who leads from experience

*You’ve been working in your business for a few years and your client base and bank account haven’t changed much

*You want a streamlined, efficient business with potential for exponential growth – a business you can take your eyes off of as you make big moves and a business that will support these moves

*Your ‘re just so.damn.tired of planning and not doing… or doing and not having your efforts pay off

*You’re excited at the thought of a solid support network filled with other entrepreneurs making bold moves in their business

*You’re aware of the opportunities that will start to come your way as you build your authority and prove your expertise. And you no longer get anxious at the thought of greater visibility because you know your business backs you up.

*You’re confident that you’ll be able to try the first 3 days out of 7  of your first bootcamp session and if you decide it isn’t right for you, your entire purchase price will be refunded with a quick email to my team.

Choose Your Growth Strategy

If you're buying one bootcamp or a 3-Pack, you will select your bootcamp(s) after checkout on the confirmation page

Solo Bootcamp

$547 One Time or
  • $160/month 4x

6 Bootcamps

Lift Off!
$ 2497 One Time or
  • $250/month 12x

3 Bootcamps

Engines Engaged
$ 1397 One Time OR
  • $150/month 12x