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How to Build a Radically Resilient Business with Profit Potential

  • 1 min read

You can build a business that adapts to the demands of the world and your changing life circumstances. And, it doesn’t take an MBA or a fleet of Ivy League lawyers to pull it off.

Starting a business is easy. Building a business into a profitable going concern is the hard part. And you don’t want to spend blood, sweat, and years building a venture that doesn’t have staying power.

Stat on how long it takes most businesses to reach profitability.

You can bet on yours being one of the businesses that’s immediately profitable. Or, you can plan for a future that requires patience and perseverance.

But… what is resilience other than a buzz word that crops up any time there’s talk of an economic downturn?

Great question!

What is resilience... better yet, what is radical resilience?

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