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Copy School

You want the WOW-worthy results
you get from training with
the OG of conversion copywriting

Results like:

Your results may vary based on the time and effort you put into Copy School, but many of the people you find on the Copy School Wall of Luv were beginners or early in their careers when they came to Copy School.

Their success is proof, you don’t need a marketing degree, 5+ years of experience, or an Einstein-level of talent to get results from Copy School. (They are obvs talented, though!)

You just need to show up, apply what you’ve learned and get your reps in. 

You're thinking... "What's the catch, Betsy?
Nothing is that good, not even Copy School."

...Aaand, you have a point. With...

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20+ courses
100s of modules
1000s of videos

Copy School can be juuust a bit overwhelming

Yep… all the amazing courses that make Copy School the best copywriting training in the industry, make Copy School overwhelming, even for the most experienced copywriters.

There’s no doubt Copy School has everything you need to become the most profitable person in any room. 

Still, something is missing.

You get workbooks, checklists, instructional videos, and helpful over-the-shoulder tutorials with each course, but you don’t get someone to answer you when you shout into the void, “Am I even doing this right?”

That's where I come in!

I’m Betsy Muse, the person Joanna Wiebe trusted to work inside the Copy School community to help answer questions, provide feedback, and facilitate progress for Copy School students.

I’m a current Copy School instructor and have been an entrepreneur in marketing and copywriting for more than 30 years.

I’m excited to partner with Jo, Ry, and the Copyhackers team as a Copy School affiliate for the 2023 launch. 

I'm even more excited to introduce you to...

Copy School Concierge

The number one question I got from new Copy Schoolers when I I led the community was, “Which course do I start with?”

With Copy School Concierge, you get a personalized roadmap so you know which course or combination of courses will help you meet your specific goals.

The Copy School Concierge bonus package also includes:

*** Build your skills in a guided small-group setting by working through mock projects that resemble those you will complete for your clients. This is a 6-month guided tour through projects for one faux company, so you see from start to finish what a project looks like starting with voice of customer research, a competitor analysis, planning the project, analyzing your data, writing all copy elements and designing the wireframe

We meet once each week and recordings are provided. You can work on your own business alongside the mock project and get feedback on projects from me and from your peers.

***Get feedback on your copy and marketing projects during weekly office hours for 6 months starting May 1. Copy reviews are for personal project copy only. This is not the proper forum for client copy reviews and all copy reviews are given openly in our private Slack channel. Each review is 5 to 15 minutes and I will complete as many as possible in the 90 minutes of the office hours period.

***Get your questions answered in our Private Slack channel so you can get back to learning new skills and applying them to your work as quickly as possible. This private Slack channel is available for 6 months beginning May 1, 2023.

***Kick your lead generation into high gear with 3 Get Sh*t Done Days designed to help you start and finish lead gen projects for your business in record time

You not only finish a lead gen funnel complete with high-converting lead magnet, funnel assets, and lead nurturing email welcome sequence… you get feedback on each asset you create.

Click the button below to visit Copyhackers and grab Copy School at the massively reduced rate offered during the launch period. By clicking the button on this page first, you automatically get Copy School Concierge at no extra cost to you.

Copy School Concierge is only available during the April Copy School launch.

Get the best conversion copywriting training in the industry AND get your Copy School Concierge bonus when you visit the Copy School landing page by clicking on the link below.

"Betsy’s workshop saved me over 30 hours of work time"

Betsy’s trainings transformed my copywriting process. I already knew *how* to write all the deliverables, but her clear, step-by-step approach to getting them done so quickly was a game changer…I never believed I’d walk away from an enjoyable co-working session with 90% completed first drafts.

I’m re-doing my website this month, and the time I invested with Betsy has saved me over 30 hours of work time.

It’s a repeatable system that works. I’m glad I have it to help me write high-converting copy in a fraction of the time it used to take me. Thank you, Betsy!!

Karen Kossow
Email Strategist and Copywriter for Woman-Owned Brands

Email copywriter, Karen Kossow looks into the distance with the sun going down behind her

Don't let your Copy School courses gather dust

If you’re an existing Copy School student and want to get the bundle so you can finally finish Copy School and apply what you’re learning, contact me for access to the bundle at a special offer, or follow this link to get the deets.